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Stand your Ground Law
Show Date 2/20/2014
True Men of GOD
Show Date 2/13/2014
Stop Killing "Black People"
Show Date 2/06/2014
Murder to Excellence
Show Date:  1/23/2014

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Bobby Seale, Founder Black Panthers
Show Date: 4/25/2013
First Year Anniversary Show
Watch the 2nd Anniv Celebration - click below
Become an Educated Voter
Show Date 3/6/2014
Let the Truth Be Told
Show Date 3/13/2014
Say NO to Polar Vortex Bill
Show Date:  3/20/2014
Do you believe in UFOs?
Show Date:  3/27/2014
Is the King Dream ALIVE?
Show Date:  4/3/2014
The MisEducation of Black People
Show Date:  4/10/2014
The Resurrection of Jesus
Show Date:  4//17/2014.
Happy  2nd  Anniversary, LTTBT!
Show Date:  4/24/2014
2nd Year Anniversary Show
Balling or Your Community
Show Date:  5/1/2014
Crabs in a Barrell
Show Date:  5/15/2014
2 More Profits Thru SEO
Show Date:  5/8/2014
Happy Birthday, Malcolm X!!!!
Show Date:  5/22/2014
U.S. abandons its VETS
Show Date:  5/29/2014
GOD kicked of America
Show Date:  6/5/2014
Black America Self-Destruction
Show Date:  6/12/2014
Solutions to the Violence
Show Date:  7/10/14
Mass incarceration of FREE MEN
Show Date:  7/17/14
History of Hip-Hop
Show Date: 7/24/2014
Michael Brown, R.I.P.
Show Date:  8/14/2014
​Rally for Justice
Show Date:  8/21/2014
A Salute to JRW and the Man
Show date: 8/28/2014
Marijuana Economics
Show date: 9/4/2014
Remember 911​
Show date:  9/11/2014
The "EBOLA" situation
Show Date: 10/9/2014
Church and State don't MIX!
Show Date: 10/30/2014
Show Date:  11/20/2014
Fighting is Big Business
Show Date:  12/18/2014
Burr Oaks Lies!!!
Show Date:  1/22/2015
MLK Lives within us ALL!!!
Show Date:  1/15/2015
New Year's Resolutions
Show Date: 1/8/2015
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